Protect your brand & reputation with
mobile X-ray rentals

Product Inspection Group delivers a portable X-ray machine for in-house product inspection of the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industry. Start detecting issues right away!

Our Mobile X-ray rental Process

What if you could control your brand & reputation in 3 simple steps? Now you can

Product Inspection Group is a mobile X-ray rental company that delivers a state-of-the-art Anritsu X-ray machine to your facility when product contamination or product defect issues arise.

Step 1

Request an
X-ray Machine

Start by filling out our online form to request a machine and a date. A representative will be in touch to confirm pricing and time.

Step 2

We Deliver
Directly to You

We deliver our portable X-ray machine to your facility. With our help, start product contamination detection in a few simple steps.

Start Detection

Detect in-house foreign contamination immediately, protect your brand, and save costs in recalls!

What Our Clients are saying

“Product Inspection Group saved my company. Not only was the X-ray process simple & easy, but was also cost-effective in preserving my brand’s reputation. Thanks again!”

Why trust your brand with product inspection group?

  • Rapid Response

    In most cases you can begin your rework process within 24 hours of contacting us.

  • Accurate

    Our X-ray systems detect contaminants with high accuracy, sensitivity and repeatability.

  • Cost Effective

    Reasonable daily rental fees and you incur no freight costs to ship product off to be reworked.

  • Total Control

    Your product never leaves your facility and you retain complete control of the rework process.

Ice Cream X-Ray
Why do clients love us?

Simple. Fast. Confidential.

Our X-ray rental process allows you to confidentially detect missing products as you protect your brand, reputation, and customers. Why would you ever trust your product with a stranger?


Get superior product inspection with state -of-the-art X-ray Technology

The Anritsu 7534 X-ray provides missing product detection, shape detection, virtual weight, and more!

We’re here for you

Retain complete control with us

Our portable X-ray rental service offers you a fast, cost-effective, and confidential solution for maximum product recovery. We help set up the X-ray inspection system for your product, and train your staff how to operate the machine. You keep complete control of your rework project. Product Inspection Group can provide you with the best on-site solution to finding foreign contaminants, missing items, or missing products. We are your X-ray equipment rental solution!