Rapid Response

In most cases you can begin your rework process within 24 hours of contacting us.


We use a state of the art x-ray system that has the ability to detect contaminants with high accuracy, sensitivity and repeatability that is unmatched in the industry.

Cost Effective

Reasonable daily rental fees and you incur no freight costs to ship product off to be reworked.

Total Control

Your product never leaves your facility and you retain complete control of the rework process.

Product Inspection Group– x-ray rentals

Product Inspection Group is a mobile x-ray company that delivers a state of the art Anritsu x-ray system to your facility when product contamination or product defect issues arise. This service offers you a fast, complete, cost effective, confidential solution for maximum product recovery. We set up the x-ray inspection system for your product and train your personnel to operate the machine. You retain complete control of your rework project. The Product Inspection Group can provide you with the best on site solution to finding contaminants, missing items or missing product. We are your x-ray equipment rental solution!

How The Process Works:

  • Step 1 Call us at 972-517-0773.
  • Step 2 Send samples for free evaluation and test report.
  • Step 3 Receive quote.
  • Step 4 X-ray equipment delivered to your facility, employees trained.
  • Step 5 You rework your product.

Our Capabilities

X-ray Rental, X-ray Inspection Services Our x-ray rental equipment can detect most contaminants such as metals, glass, stone, bone, rubber and PVC in all types of containers including foil pouches and metalized, cardboard or plastic containers. We can also detect missing or damaged products as well as over/under weight products.

Services Offered

X-ray Rental, X-ray Inspection Services Product Inspection Group provides x-ray rentals for maximum product recovery when unexpected contamination issues arise. We also provide demonstration and consulting services if you are considering purchasing x-ray equipment.


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